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Payment Processing: The Fight For Milliseconds

Payment Processing: The Fight For Milliseconds

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect lightning-fast payment processing. But with the ever-increasing demand for speed, banks face a major challenge: how can they provide the fastest possible transactions while maintaining the highest levels of security?

In this keynote, Richard Bastin, CTO, Cashplus Bank and Valentyn Kropov, CTO, N-iX will introduce the game-changing Machine Learning-powered Decision Engine that can reduce payment processing time from a staggering 5 minutes to under a second! This groundbreaking technology not only provides real-time fraud detection but also complete transparency of decisions, making it an integral integration point for various internal bank systems.

With this innovation, banks can significantly enhance their security measures while still delivering transactions at lightning speed.

We have the pleasure of announcing that N-iX will be one of the proud sponsors of ePay Europe in London 2023. N-iX is a global software solutions and engineering services company that helps world’s leading organizations turn challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth using modern technology.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness the future of payment processing technology as we explore the power of the Machine Learning-powered Decision Engine!

For more information about N-iX:

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Aide Aker
Aide Aker
Jun 19

Data and analytics engineers for Gentrack Logical Data Model Energy and utilities companies, striving for a sustainable future, face hurdles from legacy systems. Gentrack's solution, enhanced by Globaldev experts, delivers vital tech capabilities, including data handling and smart billing. The Gentrack Logical Data Model now offers a unified customer view, streamlining reporting, dashboards, analytics, and AI/ML integration on utility-focused KPIs. Need more info on this case? Click here

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