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Identiq to Participate in eCommerce Payments in London

The Importance of Private Identity Validation Solutions in the Retail and eCommerce Industry.

Global identity validation solutions are a key component in the modern digital economy to ensure that the right people get access to the right products and services, while keeping the bad actors at bay. This is especially important in today’s digital age, where online identity security as well as data privacy is a top priority for retail consumers.

The Retail and eCommerce industry are relying on identity verification services to identify users and fight fraud, but an equally important focus should be offering better, frictionless customer experiences to those who deserve it and can be trusted throughout the digital journey.

We have the pleasure of announcing that Identiq will be proud sponsors of ePay Europe in London 2023. Identiq is a private network for identity validation that empowers companies to safely collaborate with each other in order to validate customer identities–without sharing any sensitive customer data or identifiable information. The peer-to-peer network includes some of the world's largest consumer-facing companies collaborating through Identiq’s providerless technology to identify trusted users, fight fraud, and offer better customer experiences.

We look forward to the valuable contribution they will make on this subject, something our delegates will not want to miss.


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