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Fido welcomes all to eCommerce Payments in London

Continuous monitoring and dynamic real-time decision improve fraud prevention while enhancing customer experience.

Organisations simultaneously combat fraud and provide customers with a seamless digital experience. To keep up with this growing threat, payment providers must evolve from the traditional, siloed method of fraud detection to a proactive, analytic approach.

Enterprises operating in the financial services industry will give more attention to developing their own real-time, mission-critical fraud detection systems that require instantaneous response times, massive scalability, and the ability to accommodate diverse types of data.

We have the pleasure of announcing that Fido will be proud sponsors of ePay Europe in London 2023. Fido is a cloud platform that processes hundreds of data in real time deriving from the analysis of digital footprints (telephone number, email address, IP address, device, browser).

Through the use of proprietary machine learning algorithms, Fido provides online user evaluation models for different applications: credit scoring, fraud prevention, KYC/AML and lead qualification.

We look forward to the valuable contribution they will make on this subject, something our delegates will not want to miss.


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