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ePay Summit Europe 2023 Ignites Innovation and Collaboration in the Payments and eCommerce Industry

ePay Summit Europe, held in central London on 17th May 2023, marked another successful edition of the premier conference dedicated to the payments and eCommerce industry. The event, now in its third year, enables leading banking professionals, e-payment solution providers and leading retailers, to network, learn from each other, and strengthen partnerships and establish new connections.

With an impressive line-up of leading ePayment sponsors, the event provided a valuable platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the ePayments industry.

Andrew Lawrence, Head of Gateway Transformation Barclaycard Payments said “It was a privilege to attend this years ePay summit Europe at such a transformational time for the eCommerce payments industry. I’m looking forward to seeing how technology shapes the future of eCommerce payments”.

The event witnessed an enthusiastic and engaged audience, key themes that resonated strongly with the community included the need for greater alternative payment method availability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Open banking, a transformative force in the industry, was also a topic of great interest, with discussions centring particularly around its potential and implications for the future of payments.

Valentyn Kropov, CTO @ N-ix commented “Our team found the participation in the ePay Summit to be an incredibly valuable and enriching experience. Delivering the keynote speech and engaging in panel discussions allowed us to share our insights on the major payments trends. Moreover, we were delighted to connect with industry peers, establish new relationships, and gain inspiration from the event. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the ePay Summit for providing an outstanding platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.”

Preventing fraud emerged as a critical concern for the industry, with experts sharing insights and strategies to enhance security measures and protect both businesses and consumers in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. The advent of Web3 and the metaverse also sparked lively discussion, as the event explored how these emerging technologies might shape the future of online transactions and consumer experiences.

"Organisations that are leveraging alternative data from digital signals coupled with machine learning technology are managing to increase their levels of fraud detection and prevention on both merchant and consumer risk assessment," said Alex Tonello, CRO at Fido.

Overall, ePay Summit Europe 2023 once again reaffirmed its position as a leading conference in the payments and eCommerce domain, providing a dynamic platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to come together, share insights, and drive the industry forward.

"It was great to see B2B payments being added to the agenda of an ecommerce-focused event. It’s a vital area that isn’t talked about enough and there are some key challenges to address to empower ecommerce businesses to streamline their payments capabilities and costs. Embedded payments can offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve this for both ecommerce merchants and their suppliers, so it was a pleasure to share our insight on this and hopefully give the audience some food for thought." Helen Owen – Chief Marketing Officer @ Andaria

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About ePay Summit Europe:

ePay Summit Europe is a premier conference dedicated to exploring the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the payments and eCommerce industry. The annual event brings together leading sponsors, industry professionals, and thought leaders to foster collaboration and innovation.

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Aide Aker
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