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Barclaycard Payments Welcomes All to eCommerce Payments

Payment Opportunities for Merchants to Boost eCommerce Growth

Payment technologies have revolutionised the way merchants operate and transact business, enabling them to access new opportunities, streamline their operations and expand their customer base. Merchants who stay abreast of digital payment industry trends are the ones who will benefit the most from these changes.

The boundaries between shopping online and in-store are dissolving, and users are starting to expect the same payment experience across the board. Understanding customer expectations help guide merchants to understand their customers, how they like to shop and pay. Therefore, helping inform decision making to improve personalisation and drive loyalty, resulting in repeat business and a positive brand experience which is key to boosting e-commerce sales as it helps businesses deliver exceptional shopping experiences and build loyal brand advocates.

What role do technology trends have in evolving the e-commerce experience? And what are the opportunities presented by payments technology to improve e-commerce and merchants’ growth?

We have the pleasure of announcing that Barclaycard Payments will be one of the proud sponsors of ePay Europe in London 2023. Barclaycard, is a leading global payment business that helps consumers, retailers and businesses to make and take payments flexibly, and to access short-term credit. They have helped customers with shaping customer experience strategies, through their ecommerce payment capabilities, as well as their wealth of data and insights.

Barclaycard speaker Andrew Lawrence, Head of Gateway Transformation at Barclaycard Payments will be joining Talk one: Payment Opportunities for Merchants to Boost eCommerce Growth. We look forward to learning more on this subject, something our delegates will not want to miss.

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Aide Aker
Aide Aker
Mar 11
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