القمة السنوية للمدفوعات الإلكترونية والخدمات المصرفية عبر الإنترنت


The workshops are focusing on Digitalisation, Risk Management, and Security Management in E-payment industry. Workshops will be delivered by experts in the region to give real case study and useful knowledge. The workshops will promote knowledge sharing with case studies on the techniques, best practices, and benefits decision makers.  

Omnichannel & Digitalization
28 March 2018

Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payment Security
​28 March 2018

Delivered by
Delivered by
Some of the key benefits of attending the workshop include:
  • Discuss how to build an omnichannel strategy  
  • Preparing Banking services for millennial’s; what are the challenges for the Banks?
  • Life goes mobile, but digitalization is not limited with mobile
  • Online banking case studies

Some of the key benefits of attending the workshop include:
  • Introduce certain trends in digital payments and will focus in one important and growing trend: Tokenization
  • Outline related market developments in mobile payments and discuss a number of use cases where tokenization will provide additional value and security for all stakeholders.
  • Present how to build over time architecture that supports all relevant market options, hence enabling issuer to rightly position its own mobile payment strategy within a very competitive market.