القمة السنوية للمدفوعات الإلكترونية والخدمات المصرفية عبر الإنترنت


The summit supports the industry to enable policy & regulation, talent development, business opportunity and investment capital. By bringing together the most forward-thinking participants ePAY is helping connect GCC financial service leaders. organisation you represent.

Trends and Growth opportunities

Discuss consumer behaviour trends driving the digital transformation in Bahrain and the GCC online banking and payments industry. How are business models changing to guarantee a convenient, speedy and digital service?

Using big data to your advantage

How do you use IOT and data across multiple platforms to your advantage to enhance your customer offering and omni-channel service? 

AI to empower the customer

Discuss how AI may be the first point of contact for the customer in a new age of intelligent banking and what this means for the allocation of your resource and investment.

Security for you and your customer

Debate safeguards which can support your evolving mobile offering without compromising security? Explore the latest automation technologies including biometrics and voice recognition to increase security, empower the customer and provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

Women in fintech & banking

The session helps to bring ideas to the table to encourage more diversity and promote equality for women in leadership. Discuss the role of the government and financial regulators in setting an example for good gender diversity practices.

Blockchain and fintech regulation

Discuss blockchain and the expectations of virtual currencies. Explore how governments and banks can work together on blockchain projects and, the needs for standards and legislation to evolve the support it’s wide scale application.

The GCC Financial sector is experiencing an unprecedented pace of change with the customer driving the need for more convenience, speed and digital services, providing vast opportunities to those who react quickly.
The 2nd annual E-Pay Summit sits at the heart of this change, gathering C-suite financial leaders to discuss and share their current digital transformation plans, strategic decision-making processes and their vision for the future.

Business critical topics for 2019

Attending ePAY will give you unrivalled networking opportunities and an invaluable educational programme.

By bringing together the most forward-thinking participants ePAY is helping connect GCC financial service leaders