القمة السنوية للمدفوعات الإلكترونية والخدمات المصرفية عبر الإنترنت

Abdulkareem Bucheery

Mr Bucheery is currently Chairman of Bahrain Bourse, Chairman of Bahrain Clear Co., Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Ibdar Bank, and Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Khaleeji Commercial Bank.

Previously, Mr Bucheery was a Director of the Board of Bahrain Commercial Facilities Co. BSC, Deposit Protection Fund, inJAz Bahrain, Naseej, Bahrain and Tamkeen Bahrain. He was also Chairman of CrediMax and Capinnova Islamic Investment Bank. Prior to his retirement, Mr Bucheery was the Group Chief Executive Officer of BBK BSC and a member of its Executive Committee.

Mr Bucheery chaired the Board of Bahrain Association of Banks for two terms. In 2009 he was voted ‘Banker of the Year’ by World Finance in London. 

Mr Bucheery holds a BSc in Economic Sciences from Aleppo University, a High Certificate in Credit Programme (CAD) from Citi Bank Athens and a Management Diploma from Darden Business School, Virginia.
Conference Chairman